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Sports injuries and automobile accidents that affect the mouth can sometimes carry sufficient force to knock a tooth out of its or cause it to severely fracture near the gumline. In some of these cases of dental avulsion, the trauma to the tooth and periodontal tissues can be so severe that whatever remains of the tooth’s root needs to be extracted.

After completing the emergency dental treatment Dr. Janice Weinman will suture your gums. Then she will likely prescribe some pain medication. This will help minimize pain while your gums fully heal.   

When you are ready Dr. Janice Weinman will help you understand the dental restorations available at her dental offices.

If you aren’t comfortable with the invasive oral surgery and prolonged timetable of a dental implant restoration she might recommend installing a dental bridge into the void.  

This type dental restoration includes two crowns fused together with a solid artificial tooth fused between them. It will closely mimic the knocked out tooth’s physical presence and function. The dental bridge will be mounted on a pair of abutments formed by the two closest neighboring teeth.

After the dental bridge has been produced at a dental lab, you will need to come in for the second appointment to have it installed. This is a relatively brief appointment where Dr. Janice Weinman cements the dental bridge directly onto the abutments.

If you live in the Seguin, Texas, area and you or someone near you has just suffered a severe dental trauma, you should call 830-372-2949 to seek emergency treatment at Seguin Smiles’s dental offices.