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A chipped tooth can lead to a plethora of potential complications. On a functional level, the damaged area of tooth enamel can cause problems with discomfort and tooth sensitivity. If the chipped tooth appears when you smile it can also cause you to feel self-conscious about your appearance.

Without professional treatment from a dentist like Dr. Janice Weinman and Dr. Forrest Arguelles. the fractured area of tooth enamel could start to trap food particles and plaque, promoting problems with tooth decay. Sometimes a chipped tooth can be structurally compromised leading to a more severe dental fracture in the future.

After treating the chipped tooth our dentist might also advise you to address the initial cause of the dental fracture. Making simple changes in your daily habits can significantly improve your chances of preventing new dental fractures.

Bad oral habits like nervously nibbling on pencils and pens, crunching on ice or biting your fingernails can potentially cause a chipped tooth. Making a conscious effort to curtail these habits can help you maintain strong and healthy teeth.

Individuals who grind their teeth at night and athletes who fail to wear a protective mouthguard at the necessary times are also at increased risk of suffering a fractured tooth. Fortunately, these threats can often be prevented by using a dental guard or a quality mouth guard.

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