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The word cavity is another way of saying tooth decay. There are various types of tooth decay, and so there are also many ways to combat them. If you have ever struggled to keep yourself or your child free of cavities, learning about the different types and how to prevent them could be useful for you.

Our dentist, Dr. Janice Weinman, is accustomed to helping clients on a daily basis that struggle with cavity prevention. That is why, here at Seguin Smiles in Seguin, Texas, we provide teeth cleaning and other treatments to help you and your family fight and prevent cavities. We are happy to provide you with the arsenal of information you need to stay cavity free.

Here are some of the most common types of cavities:

Coronal cavities: These are the most common type of cavity that ail children and adults. Generally, coronal cavities are located on chewing surfaces or between teeth and are largely caused by sugary foods and drinks.

Root cavities: The roots of our teeth become more and more exposed as we age, and our gums recede. Plaque begins to build up in these areas as more of the root becomes exposed. Ultimately, this plaque buildup is what leads to decay in these areas and causes root cavities.

Recurrent decay: Sometimes, plaque will begin to accumulate around already existing fillings and crowns, which can cause further decay in these areas.

It is important to understand what can happen to your teeth if the proper measures are not taken to care for them. Make caring for your teeth a priority and call us today at 830-372-2949 and schedule an appointment. Our team looks forward to your call.